Reflecting on MDVC’s First Two Years

Posted by Ken Zelenak, MD, June 1st, 2016

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Being part of MD Value Care has elevated the level of care and commitment to excellence that our physicians, nurses, and staff provide every day. We are holding ourselves and the other practices in MDVC to a higher standard due to the shared accountability for improving the health of our collective patients. Some specific examples of how being a member of MDVC has elevated the care we deliver include:

  1. Worked to close holes in communication amongst physicians.
    Through improved referral processes, our physicians have engaged in discussions with some of the top specialists in the area who are also members of MDVC. This is has allowed us to better coordinate care across the care continuum for the patients we share. While this continues to be a work in progress, we are committed to reaching a point where all communication among physicians is efficient, timely, and coordinated.
  2. Helped us improve in preventative measures, vaccinations, etc. because of our ability to see and review our metrics.
    Our practice has always been dedicated to ensuring our patients receive the necessary screening and preventive services before they have established diseases. As a member of MDVC, we have access to actionable data and tools that allow us to achieve this mission. With various dashboards, we can track our progress in these areas over time to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  1. Enhanced our focus on patient-centered care.
    At Commonwealth Primary Care, we treat each patient as a whole person, within the context of his/her family and community, not as just another diagnosis. This approach is closely aligned with the mission and values of MDVC, which helps strengthen the relationship we have with our fellow MDVC members.

About the Author: Dr. Ken Zelenak is a Board-certified Family Practice physician at Commonwealth Primary Care. He serves as the Chairman of the MD Value Care Quality Assurance Committee and has been an invaluable member of MD Value Care through his countless hours devoted to advising his colleagues and ensuring his patients receive the best care possible. In his free time, Dr. Zelenak enjoys playing team sports and fishing.