Top 10 MDVC Accomplishments

Posted by Steve Cavalieri, MD, June 3rd, 2016

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MD Value Care’s progress over the last two years is quite impressive. We have so much to be proud of and couldn’t have done all of this without the hard work and dedication from our providers and their staff. To recognize and reflect on our accomplishments, I put together a top ten list.

In the past two years MDVC:

  1. Implemented ten new evidence-based high risk care management programs
    MDVC has focused its care management resources on the most important determinant of high cost – inpatient care in Medicare.  This means improving the quality of care transitions; addressing social determinants of care; integrating behavioral health care management; supporting those patients and their physicians who are tackling high risk, co-morbid diseases; and providing a supportive environment for patients with advanced illness.
  1. Established a technology framework by leveraging new IT platforms
    MDVC has built critical infrastructure leveraging encounter alerts from the MedVirginia health information exchange and shared by practices from HCA hospitals to drive our CareBridge™ program management. We have added Verisk Provider Intelligence to alert physicians to high risk patients and Clinigence to support ACO 33 abstraction, GPRO submission, and quality dashboards.
  1. Created a post-acute care network
    Often the forgotten segment of health care, variations in post-acute care is the most important determinant of health care variation. By creating post-acute networks and aligning them with our goals, better and more consistent outcomes should follow.
  1. Improved all abstracted ACO 33 measures in 2015
    MDVC improved performance on all 14 abstracted ACO 33 measures for which there was a 2014 comparison, including substantial improvement on 8 measures according to preliminary data.
  1. Significantly reduced ER visits
    MDVC reduced emergency room visits in 2015 by 8.5% according to ACO claims data.
  1. Significantly reduced acute hospitalizations
    MDVC reduced inpatient admissions/1,000 in 2015 by 7.8% according to ACO claims data.
  1. Significantly reduced readmissions
    MDVC reduced 30-day readmissions/1,000 in 2015 by 9% according to ACO claims data.
  1. Significantly reduced complex radiologic imaging
    MDVC reduced complex radiologic imaging in 2015 by 6.9% according to ACO claims data.
  1. Improved the patient experience of care
    MDVC improved performance on 4 of 7 ACO CAHPS measures in 2015 according to preliminary CAHPS survey results.
  1. Matured the organizational culture
    MDVC invested in its knowledge and organizational culture to create insight and engagement. This allowed us to transform our vision, goals, and aspirations into knowledge, action, and organizational culture through analytics, education, and communications. These included our board and committee meetings, specialist mobilization, physician meetings, our website, and our annual cost and quality meetings.

What did I leave out? Share your thoughts on MDVC’s accomplishments in the comments section below.

About the Author: Dr. Steve Cavalieri has served as the Chief Medical Officer at Envera Health and the Medical Director of MD Value Care for the last three years. With his extensive experience as a physician in Internal Medicine for thirteen years and the Senior Medical Director of a national health plan, he lends his expertise and passion for improving the value of health care to the patients and providers of MD Value Care